Who are we?

We are husbands, wives, kick-boxers, dog-lovers, and health enthusiasts


Founded by two highly-focused individuals whose passions include all things chiropractic. We work together to build things not only we are proud of, but our practice members too.




We are a culture built around you.

Your ability to adapt, heal and function

is far greater than you have been led to believe.

All it needs is to be unleashed



We want to contribute to a cause greater than ourselves

We believe that your #1 asset is your health, and that once you’re over your symptoms and your body begins to perform and function properly, you have a better opportunity to contribute to your friends, your families and your community.

We all have a desire to uplift others and encourage others to do well, but often times when we are plagued with symptoms and are suffering, it can be difficult to meet those needs when we don’t feel well ourselves

Our goal and objective at Adapt Spine Centre is to use state of the art technology to assess your nervous system and get to the root cause of your health concern. We use the one of the most advanced and scientific techniques called the “Gonstead System” to remove those interruptions and those weaknesses to allow your body to heal, recover and perform naturally the way that it is intended.


Dr. Antony Lin

When someone thanks you for giving them their life back where all else had failed, you remember that; the feeling it gives you, knowing you’ve given them something you can’t buy: hope.

Growing up, Dr. Antony had always been service-minded with a passion to try to see how he fit in this world, and how he could best help those around him. His interest in health brought him to study Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology at Simon Fraser University, where he was exposed to many professions that helped people. It wasn’t until a fateful conversation with a chiropractor that ignited Dr. Antony’s passion to pursue neurologically based chiropractic. The prospect of being the instrument of change in people’s lives, without some of the harmful effects of traditional drugs and surgery, inspired him to study chiropractic.


Dr. Antony graduated cum laude in 2017 from Life Chiropractic College West and went on to receive his Doctorate of Chiropractic degree. It was here that Dr. Antony learned of the many techniques within the profession and eventually led him to neurologically based structural chiropractic, based on the world renown “Gonstead Method’. Being the president of the Gonstead Club on campus for many terms gave him access to learn from some of the best doctors in the world. He has gained over 200+ certified post-doctorate hours to specifically study neuro-structural chiropractic and how to achieve the best, reproducible results.

This journey has brought Dr. Antony to places such as Fiji, where he served on a mission trip with the South Pacific Chiropractic Clinic Abroad sponsored by the Fijian government to help the under served, where many people were unable to access any type of health care. Here the doctors and interns collectively served over 5000 people in a span of 1 week from young and old, families and children. Here, Dr. Antony oversaw many difficult clinical cases including a patient that had multiple spinal surgeries for 7 years and was on disability, who was unable to walk without assistance or sit. After multiple visits, this patient saw the power of neuro-structural chiropractic care and walked without assistance for the first time in many years.


Now, with his fianceé Kristen, they plan to bring the same message of hope and healing to the Greater Vancouver area by providing neuro-structural chiropractic care to the masses and helping families health adapt properly for their entire lives.

The only real cap you wear is the one on your head. Sometimes by taking it off can help you broaden your mindset.
— Dr. Antony Lin